day fifteen

Sunday brought such joy at the prospect of an afternoon without rain that our regular walk to the park felt particularly providential. I was grateful to get outside, and it was a happy chance to snap a shot of this guy (who I must say I find to be incredibly handsome.) I love his gorgeous coloring and the tones of the sunlight on the water behind him.
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4 Responses to day fifteen

  1. A great colorful picture with a lot of nice details (the drops on its head). It´s a putty that you cute the duo under the stomach. But I really like the pic, it caught my attention. Maybe if you ever try this again, you could try to catch the mirrored picture of the duck in the water also? Tahkns for sharing /Maggie

  2. cds says:

    Maggie, I will give it my best shot.

    And thanks, Ronda. you are very kind.

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